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Metasurf Cruise Wheel Cyber Black

$119.00 Regular Price
$99.00Sale Price


  • Product Desciption

    Metasurf Cruise Wheel
    Best size and super comfy for E-skateboard.
    This wheel is BIG , smooth, JUICY,  tank-like wheel for rolling over everything in its path. If you want a ride like a Cadillac, this is your wheel.


    • 97mm Diameter
    • 74a Reflex
    • Offset Core
    • Wheels sold in sets of FOUR
  • SPEC

    Name: Metasurf Cruise Wheel
    Color: Cyber Black
    Height: 97mm
    Durometers: 78a
    Width: 52mm
    Contact Patch: 43mm
    Hub: 45mm
    Hub Setting: CS Centerset
    Depth of Urethane: 26mm
    Edges: Steep Round